Brian Jayne - Owner/Operator



Brian was born and raised in Northeast Pennsylvania.  He comes from a large family with four brothers and a sister.  All of the men in the family are tradesmen.  His father was an Electrician for more than 40 years.  Brian's oldest brother is a Welder as well as a Professional Painter.  The second oldest brother is a Contractor who specializes in all aspects of home construction and remodeling. Third in line is a Professional painter whose second passion is music. If he's not holding a paint brush he's holding onto his guitar.   The next to last brother is a Welder & Union Representative.  Being the youngest boy, Brian has been involved with each and everyone of them throughtout the years and has aquired a very diverse skill set.  Hence the "and More" of All About Grout.



Brian's focus for several years has been in the furniture upholstery business and held Plant manager positions for two large companies.  He is well respected in the industry, and by the way, he can also re-upholster your couch!



After his father-in-law relocated to Florida in 2012, Brian and his wife Dana, decided to follow suit and move to the Sunshine state as well.  Together they teamed up and All About Grout and More was born.  



All About Grout and More's Motto is:  We Treat Your Home As If It Was Our Own!  

Meticulous Work! Fast Friendly Service!  




The Villages, Lake, Sumter & Marion Counties in Florida